Getting Tags to work in Windows Live Writer with BlogEngine.NET

by Mike Linnen 15. December 2007 11:16
There is a great post ( by Al Nyveldt on getting the two to play nicely together.

Moving to another blog software solution

by Mike Linnen 15. December 2007 08:07

Well I have really neglected my blog over the last 1.5 years!  I originally decided to write my own blog software just because I could.  Well the fact that I became very busy the first thing to be neglected was this blog.  So I decided to final start changing that by moving to a blog solution with more features than I had but also allow for me to customize it when I wanted to.  In addition to what my current solution already had I wanted the following:

  • Track back
  • External API for using Windows Live Writer or some other thick client blog authoring software.
  • The ability to insert pictures or files right into the post
  • The ability to apply themes
  • Open source
  • Extensibility

So I choose BlogEngine.NET because it had all the current features my solution already had (which wasn't a big list) and many more.


Web page updates

by Mike Linnen 6. July 2006 22:44
Web page updates

Added the ability for the blogger to receive emails when a new comment is posted to a blog entry.

Added the ability to contact me by email via a contact form.

Added the ability to leave blog comments

by Mike Linnen 24. June 2006 13:28
Added the ability to leave blog comments
I added a feature to allow for user comments.  I used a CAPTCHA technique to keep the spam down to a minimum.  Spam was always a problem in my .Text blog.

Added Blog Statistics

by Mike Linnen 23. June 2006 18:25
Added Blog Statistics
Added some blog statistics on the home page.  Currently I am only tracking the number of blog, comment and trackback entries.  Later I might add more statistics or allow the numbers to be constrained by some start and end date so I can see numbers for a specific time frame.

Added the ability to get trackback pings

by Mike Linnen 23. June 2006 15:31
Added the ability to get trackback pings

I added in the ability for my site to receive track back pings.  The pings get logged into a database table.  I only allow one trackback per Url and Blog Unique Id.  I also added the ability to only allow trackbacks if the Url is really referencing the blog identifier it is attempting to ping.  This should hold down spam some.  I still need to do the following around trackbacks:

  • Add in the ability for this site to ping other sites. 
  • Add the ability to remove trackbacks in the admin pages
  • List trackbacks on the Blog Detail page
  • Add the ability to show a count of all trackbacks 

Added RSS Feed to the site

by Mike Linnen 8. June 2006 02:39
Added RSS Feed to the site

I went ahead and added a single RSS feed to my site.  I ended up using the RSS Toolkit that can be found on Dmitryr's blog.  It was very easy to get the tool kit to publish RSS.  I need to bounce the RSS XML format against the 2.0 specifications to be sure I am emitting decent RSS. 

I had one problem with the control that comes with the tool kit.  I attempted to create multiple channels based on the Blog Catagories that I have defined in case someone would want to subscribe to only a specific catagory.  However when I placed this control in a repeater whenever a post back occurs I get an error stating this "is not a valid virtual path".  I suspect it has something to do with the control when it is trying to append the ChannelName to the query string.  For now I just removed the subcatagory RSS feeds.

Moving off of .Text blogging software

by Mike Linnen 7. June 2006 03:33
Moving off of .Text blogging software

Well I decided to move my blog off of .Text and onto a custom blog application that I am writting from scratch.  I didn't really have any problems with .Text but I wanted to create some new features and I did not have the source.  So as it stands right now I have limited blogging features in my custom solution.  I was able to migrate my data out of .Text and into the new schema without much issue.  I have some old links to the old blog that will have to be changed.

I will be slowly adding the following features:

  • RSS Feeds - Done 6/4/2006
  • Ability to add comments
  • Blog search
  • Support for blogging API so that I can add blog entries from a smart client application
  • Submit blog entry by email
  • Ability to create blog entries but delay the publishing of the entries - Done 6/10/2006

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