Demo connecting 11 Netduinos to Windows Azure Service

by Mike Linnen 14. February 2013 23:28

I put together a talk that includes a lab on building a security/home automation system using 11 netduinos communicating over MQTT with a broker located in Windows Azure.  The attendees of this talk will walk through the lab and build out various components of a security system.

Here is a video demonstrating the various components of the system.  

The source for the project can be found on github:

The Security System website is hosted on a Web Role and it contains all the documentation for the lab.

Announcing: Hands on Hacknight connecting Netduino's to an Azure cloud service

by Mike Linnen 27. October 2012 00:00

In December I will be presenting this talk for the Charlotte Alt.Net users group. This talk is less about presenting and more about actually coding up a device that connects to the cloud.

This is not a sit back and watch the speaker meeting. As a participant in this project you will be building the devices that complete a Simulated Home Security system. There will be some basic code that is written for you but for the most part it will be your job to complete the code and make the device functional. The cloud service that connects all the devices via a message bus will already be completed and deployed to Windows Azure for you to use. Your device will publish and subscribe to messages on the bus.

Come out to the event and learn how to connect a Netduino Plus to Windows Azure.

Head on over to the meeting invite and sign up now.

Presenting “Getting Started with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 and the Kinect”

by Mike Linnen 6. May 2012 14:16

I am excited about presenting on this topic for the Charlotte Alt.Net users group on May 8th in Charlotte. Head on over to the event posting and sign up to attend.

Here are the details about the talk:

The most recent release of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS4) has introduced two very exciting  concepts that make building robotic applications a reality to all developers: Kinect and Reference Platform Design specification.  The Kinect is the hot device that gives a new perspective on sensing your surroundings.  RDS 4 fully supports the Kinect and opens up all kinds of opportunities for awesome applications.  Do you want skeletal tracking in a robotics application, RDS 4 gives you that.  Do you want to perform obstacle avoidance with Kinect's depth sensor, RDS 4 gives you that. Do you want to simulate a Kinect in a virtual environment  to test out your high level code, RDS 4 gives you that.  The Reference Platform gives vendors a common design specification for building a working robot that includes sensors, motors and low level control. This allows for a developer that has little hardware experience to get up and running fast.  In this session I will introduced you to RDS 4 using the Kinect and an Eddie robot.

Eddie Robot

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Presenting at Charlotte Alt.Net user’s group

by Mike Linnen 4. May 2009 20:41

I will be presenting “Tools for Agile Development: A Developer’s Perspective” at the Charlotte Alt.Net User’s Group May 7th.  Get the details here  Also there will be a second presentation after mine called “PowerShell as a Tools Platform”. 

I better get moving on cleaning up my presentation :)

Web page updates

by Mike Linnen 6. July 2006 22:44
Web page updates

Added the ability for the blogger to receive emails when a new comment is posted to a blog entry.

Added the ability to contact me by email via a contact form.

Added the ability to leave blog comments

by Mike Linnen 24. June 2006 13:28
Added the ability to leave blog comments
I added a feature to allow for user comments.  I used a CAPTCHA technique to keep the spam down to a minimum.  Spam was always a problem in my .Text blog.

Added Blog Statistics

by Mike Linnen 23. June 2006 18:25
Added Blog Statistics
Added some blog statistics on the home page.  Currently I am only tracking the number of blog, comment and trackback entries.  Later I might add more statistics or allow the numbers to be constrained by some start and end date so I can see numbers for a specific time frame.

Added the ability to get trackback pings

by Mike Linnen 23. June 2006 15:31
Added the ability to get trackback pings

I added in the ability for my site to receive track back pings.  The pings get logged into a database table.  I only allow one trackback per Url and Blog Unique Id.  I also added the ability to only allow trackbacks if the Url is really referencing the blog identifier it is attempting to ping.  This should hold down spam some.  I still need to do the following around trackbacks:

  • Add in the ability for this site to ping other sites. 
  • Add the ability to remove trackbacks in the admin pages
  • List trackbacks on the Blog Detail page
  • Add the ability to show a count of all trackbacks 

Added RSS Feed to the site

by Mike Linnen 8. June 2006 02:39
Added RSS Feed to the site

I went ahead and added a single RSS feed to my site.  I ended up using the RSS Toolkit that can be found on Dmitryr's blog.  It was very easy to get the tool kit to publish RSS.  I need to bounce the RSS XML format against the 2.0 specifications to be sure I am emitting decent RSS. 

I had one problem with the control that comes with the tool kit.  I attempted to create multiple channels based on the Blog Catagories that I have defined in case someone would want to subscribe to only a specific catagory.  However when I placed this control in a repeater whenever a post back occurs I get an error stating this "is not a valid virtual path".  I suspect it has something to do with the control when it is trying to append the ChannelName to the query string.  For now I just removed the subcatagory RSS feeds.

Moving off of .Text blogging software

by Mike Linnen 7. June 2006 03:33
Moving off of .Text blogging software

Well I decided to move my blog off of .Text and onto a custom blog application that I am writting from scratch.  I didn't really have any problems with .Text but I wanted to create some new features and I did not have the source.  So as it stands right now I have limited blogging features in my custom solution.  I was able to migrate my data out of .Text and into the new schema without much issue.  I have some old links to the old blog that will have to be changed.

I will be slowly adding the following features:

  • RSS Feeds - Done 6/4/2006
  • Ability to add comments
  • Blog search
  • Support for blogging API so that I can add blog entries from a smart client application
  • Submit blog entry by email
  • Ability to create blog entries but delay the publishing of the entries - Done 6/10/2006

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