Halloween Scare 2016

by Mike Linnen 28. October 2016 21:06

I kicked off another Halloween project this year and I posted it on GitHub for everyone to see and use if they like.  This project has focused around building smart devices that are all connected via an MQTT bus.  I wanted to have something that I could build on every year.  The devices are either actuators or sensors that are smart enough to serve a purpose and can be orchestrated into a bigger animation scene using a workflow engine such as Node-red.  Anyways check out the project on Hackster.io and GitHub.

Windows 10 IoT Core powered garage door

by Mike Linnen 6. October 2015 23:03

I wrote an article on using the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for a contest on Hackster.io.  This project focuses on using the Alljoyn messaging framework. Head on over to Hackster.io for my Garage door powered by Win 10 and the Raspberry Pi project.  Here is a video demo of the project.

BuilderFaire track at Raleigh Code Camp 2014

by Mike Linnen 8. November 2014 10:04

I gave a talk at the Raleigh Code Camp called "What can I do with a Raspberry PI". The slide deck is attached to this post for those of you that attended.

Raspberry PIv2.pptx (6.67 mb)

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