I have an old PC that isn't really doing anything so I decided to make it into a multimedia PC for my home entertainment center.  I looked around a little bit to see if there are any freeware applications that will handle this application.  I found Freevo and MythTV.  Both of these applications are Linux based which is ok for some people but I am a .Net developer so I wanted a Windows .Net solution.  I haven't found anything that is written in C# so I decided to start my own for now to see how far I could take it.

Here are some things I want to do

  • Play MP3
  • Play My Home Videos
  • Slideshow pictures
  • X10 Home control
  • Speech and Voice recognition
  • Record TV Shows
  • Monitor Home Security
  • Get News feed with speech
  • Weather reports
  • RSS Aggregator
  • Internet Radio
  • Home Wiki
  • Audio/Text Message center
  • Allarm clock
  • Play Games

I started a Home Automation Wiki Wiki to keep notes on my progress.



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