This is a follow up on my post about Listening to Podcasts. I went ahead and developed a small application that grabs the podcast files and moves them to the removable media card. Here is a little idea on what it does.
  • Tests to be sure the destination folder (removable media card) is available
  • Looks for files of type MP3 in the source folder walking all the directories
  • If a file is found verifies that enough room is on the destination folder
  • Copies the file to the destination
  • Removes the file from the source
  • When all files are processed it looks for empty directories in the source directory and deletes them

All I have to do when I am done with listening to the podcast on my Dell is delete it. The only problem I have left is that the Windows Media Player does not support bookmarks.

Room for improvement:

 Currently the application must be launched manually and pass into it the source and destination directories. It would be nice to have a service that just watches the source folder for new files and process them as they come in. The program looks for mp3 files only. It would be nice to add support for other media files.


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