I have been listening to several podcasts over the last couple of months. I have to say I am hooked on some of the technical shows. Whenever I am in the car I listen to a podcast. The radio in my car is rarely tuned on. I use a Dell Axim x50v with Media Player 10 and iPodder 1.1.4. I have been spending a lot of time trying to get the content to synchronise correctly. I am not sure if it is iPodder, Media player or my Active Sync program that has problems with this. But for some reason at times I noticed podcasts that are on my PC but are not on my Pocket PC. I think there is an update to Active Sync I do not have so I am going to try this first to solve my problem.

I have a few grips on this setup

  • There needs to be a purge podcasts after x days setting.
  • Finding new podcasts on the device is a real pain. Need a playlist that can be settup to show podcasts added in the last x days.
  • Organizing podcasts with playlists is a real pain.
  • Deleting podcasts on the Pocket PC should delete it from the PC. I don't want the podcast once I hear it and I listen to 90% of them on the Pocket PC.
  • I need bookmarks. Stopping a podcast and starting it later is a pain.
  • The media center interface is clunky. I have to click too many menu items to get to a playlist.
  • The buttons and the screen on the Pocket PC are way too easy to bump while listening to a podcast.
I found one product that made finding podcasts on the pocket PC while driving real easy. Voice Command from Microsoft. However I am not convinced I want to stick with Microsoft Media Player just yet, so I have not purchased Voice Command. The trial version worked out very well. I could ask the device to play music and it would come back with questions that would lead me down to a particular play list. Once in a play list I could easily skip ahead to next tracks without taking my eyes off the road.



Try reading this... <br> <br><a target="_new" href="http://www.pocketcasting.com/archives/2005/01/04/ipodder-and-the-pocket-pc/">http://www.pocketcasting.com/archives/2005/01/04/ipodder-and-the-pocket-pc/</a>

Mike Linnen

Your solution sure looks like it would solve some of my problems. Especially the problem where I delete the podcast on the Pocket PC and it does not get deleted on the PC. Although one problem I see that might cause a wrinkle is that at times my total podcasts that get downloaded sometimes exceed the 1 gb size. I am assuming the ipodder program would error out and I would miss the download. <br> <br>Maybe a file watcher program could watch the podcasts and push them to the card when space comes available. It could also watch the card for items deleted and purge them from the PC when needed. This file watcher program could also delete podcasts that end up being X days old. <br> <br> <br>

Mike Linnen

Or better yet do what I do.. Create a dir to sync on your pc ala X50v Podcasts. Download MOBSync and MortPlayer. use MOBSync to sync your podcasts to your ppc's sd card every sync. Have ipodder dump into the X50V Podcast dir. Sync via wifi for speed.USe mortplayer to playback podcasts. (It can remember the last track/location in track) <br> <br>This setup works VERY well for me. Now if only MortPlayer had a delete key to get rid of the podcast. <br> <br>There are still some issues, just not as many as you have now.


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