Well I decided to move my blog off of .Text and onto a custom blog application that I am writting from scratch.  I didn't really have any problems with .Text but I wanted to create some new features and I did not have the source.  So as it stands right now I have limited blogging features in my custom solution.  I was able to migrate my data out of .Text and into the new schema without much issue.  I have some old links to the old blog that will have to be changed.

I will be slowly adding the following features:

  • RSS Feeds - Done 6/4/2006
  • Ability to add comments
  • Blog search
  • Support for blogging API so that I can add blog entries from a smart client application
  • Submit blog entry by email
  • Ability to create blog entries but delay the publishing of the entries - Done 6/10/2006


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